what is roomag?

Roomag is a shared hosting service that is made available free to friends and good causes. If you need light hosting space, send me a note. The more people I help out with this, the less a waste of money it is!

my site is broken, help!

Stay calm, contact me to let me know. If it's a server-wide issue, I probably already know, but send me a note anyway.


Debian 9 Upgrades

Debian 9 Stretch upgrade is complete, we’re on 9.1 now. All major services have been tested, let me know if you’re having any other trouble.

Debian 9 Upgrade Plan

With the release of Debian 9, I’ll have time to do some staged upgrades this week, then if all goes well, I’ll perform the production upgrade next Saturday evening. There will be a short downtime first for an extra snapshot backup, then services will be offline while the upgrade happens.

Refreshed site; Lets Encrypt!

Things have been nice and stable as usual, and I took the time to refresh the site’s look, leaning on Bulma for styles, then converted it to Hugo, a static generator. Additionally, updates to Webmin/Virtualmin have brought a really easy interface for fetching Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, so SSL sites and permissions to request LE certificates have been enabled across the board!